I LOVE SUNGLASSES -- they are in my blood. What other industry can you get away with wearing a T-shirt & flip flops to work everyday?

Back in 1998, I built the industry's first & only All Polarized Sports Sunglass brand. Due to the extreme success, we were eventually acquired.

I missed the industry so much I'm back & doing it again! This time around is even more exciting as the sunglass category has been starving for something truly unique and new. In our quest to continually raise the bar in sunglass technology, we developed a naturally buoyant frame material known as Vaporlite™, which allows the sunglasses to float. Wow, a Floating Polarized sunglass that looks & feels like ordinary sunglasses! Let's call the brand Unsinkable®, after all, we're pioneering the category.

Unsinkable® sunglasses allow you to have more fun on the water since they float and are more difficult to lose. And just in case they float away, our ground-breaking Lifetime + Loss™ warranty has you completely covered.

Welcome to Unsinkable® Polarized -- The leading brand of Floating Polarized sunglasses.

Jason W.